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Sunday Writing Update

Mar 18, 2012
Hey guys! I’ve been super preoccupied with my latest novel, an adult southern gothic, which I’m very excited about. This new idea, the spawn of a flash fiction piece, kind of took me by surprise. I’d already had my 2012 novel all planned out. I even shared it on this blog, but for some reason it kind of stalled on me. I've since decided to save it for another point in time, maybe even NaNo. We’ll see.

With this new project I’m about 16,000 words in, almost 17,000. I’m trying to have it done by the end of May. Truthfully, I really don’t know where I’m going with it. I mean, I write YA and MG, and here I am writing adult fiction. It’s very exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. It’s called HOLD ME UNTO YOU. It’s about love, death, and redemption, and is probably my most thrilling idea yet.

But I always say that. 

Are you working on anything new? I would love to know. 

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Mar 11, 2012
I just finished reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, and I have to say that it had to be one of the best books I’ve read this year so far. 

Towards the end of the book I found myself crying, really crying. I’m not going to go too far into what the book was about, but it really touched me. I couldn’t understand, and I still don’t, how people could have such horrible lives set out for them and be okay with it.

The whole concept of being a donor and then completing horrified me. Throughout the book the main character Kathy H. reminisces about her time as a young girl, her best friends Ruth and Tommy, at a school for special children called Hailsham. She also reminisces about her life at the cottages after Hailsham.

But it wasn’t just Kathy’s memories that touched me. I thought a lot about life and death, how someday this will all be over, and all we’ll have with us are our memories. When our friends and family members have passed on, all there will be left to do is look back.

This was a great book. I cared truly about the characters, all of them. I would recommend this book to anyone. 

WIP: The Movie

Mar 9, 2012
Hey guys! Today I'm participating in another blogfest called WIP: The Movie. You can find out more here if you would like to join in on the fun.

Okay, so last week I spent a ton of time looking up actresses who I felt would fit the role of Cassidy in Summer Spell. I found one or two, but then it dawned on me that there just aren't a lot of young African American actresses out there who aren't light skinned. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it really put it a limit on my choices.

In the end I chose three actresses to play the role of Cassidy, Sara, and Marsha.

To play my main character Cassidy Harwell, I went with the young Keke Palmer. She's about eighteen-years-old now, but her younger self would have been perfect for the role of Cassidy.

Cassidy's best friend, Sara, is of Cuban descent and actress Zendaya Coleman really fits the part. I don't know much about this actress, but I saw her picture and just knew she would make a perfect Sara.

I've always been a big Angela Bassett fan ever since I saw the movie What's Love Got to Do With It, and she just naturally fit the role of Cassidy's mama, Marsha.

I spent just as much time choosing the right music as I did the actresses. I settled on two songs. Corinne Bailey Rae's Put Your Records On because I adore the lyrics, and Beth Rowley's version of A Sunday Kind of Love because it really sets the right tone.

That's it for me. Thank you Kyra and Rachel for hosting this. I had a ton of fun. 

Lucky 7 Meme

Mar 3, 2012

Today I'm participating in Jaycee's Lucky 7 Meme.

The rules:

1. Go to page 77 of your current MS
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines - sentences or paragraphs - and post them as they're written. No cheating
4. Tag 7 authors
5. Let them know


“Hey, what was that about?” he asks. “Earlier?”

I stall by taking a sip out of the can. I’m usually not a beer drinker, but I feel like I deserve it after what I’ve been through with Daddy and Momma. The thing tastes terrible. I make a face.

Tommy laughs at me. 


So my 7 sentences aren't terribly exciting, but here's who I tag:

Freya Morris
Stephanie Scott

I'm one person short, but you're welcome to participate even if you weren't tagged. Participating isn't necessary even if you were.